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TRAVEL TIPS - Ticketing
Use your ticket in the sequence it was issued

Travelers are often surprised that their onward reservations have been cancelled because they have not used one of the sectors booked on their itinerary. This may have dire consequences for the traveler. Not only may there be no seat available but the entire ticket could be invalid. Airline tickets must be used in the sequence they have been issued. Here is an illustrative example of actual occurrence. A passenger purchased a discounted business class ticket with the following flights :
  • Johannesburg – Paris
  • Paris – Nice 3 days later
  • Nice – Paris – Johannesburg
After his stay in Paris the passenger decided to take a train from Paris to Nice without cancelling the flight from Paris before he was due to board it. Because of this, the airline has classified him as a "no show” and cancelled all onward reservations (Nice – Paris – Johannesburg). Further more, the condition of the discounted fare was that should the passenger be a "no show” on any flight, the ticket becomes invalid and no refund may be obtained. The passenger had to purchase a new, more expensive, business class ticket Nice – Paris – Johannesburg. This unfortunate expense could have been avoided if the passenger cancelled his flight from Paris before he was due to board it. Should you need to make alterations to your travel itinerary after issue of documents, make sure that you discuss this with your travel agent before your next flight booked

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